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New R4 3DS GoldFAQ on 3DS Updates and Flash cards

Q: Do I need to update my device?
A: Do not update your 3DS or DSi before you have checked if the flash cards are compatible with the updates. There is a possibility that the updates may stop the flashcarts from working. It would be better if you activate parental controls in the devices used by your kids in case they accidentally update these devices. The controls can block the update.
After checking the compatibility of the flash cards with the updated devices, you can initiate the update process.

Q: Can I know for sure if the R4 3DS flash card will work on the updated device?
A:  There is a list below with firmware and firmware compatibility.
You may also need to update the flashcart or not if you are already certain that it can work even without updates.

insert microSDQ: How does the update process work for the flashcart?
A: Look for a device which can be a DSi, DS Phat or Lite or any non-updated 3DS that you can use with the flashcart. You cannot use any device that is already blocking the flash card in the first place.
Go to the flashcart manufacturer’s website for the updates or get them from the list that follows. Look for the right update and download it. Since it is in zip folder, extract the files, and put them in your microSD card’s ROOT instead of in a folder. Follow the instructions inside, which are usually saved as a “readme” file. Put the microSD into the cart and the cart into the device while following all the instructions in the “readme” file to update the cart.

Q: Where to buy R4 DS flash cards in Canada?
A: We highly suggest the official online retailer - R4 Canada.

Q: What is the right thing to do when I have updated my device before even updating the flash card?
A: Find a device, either a DS Phat or Lite, and use it to run your flash card. Either of these devices will not block any flashcart that you need to run on 3DS. An alternative would be to find a 3DS or DSi that may be updated but still not blocking your cart. Use the device to run your flash card update before using it on your already updated 3DS.

(If you have a Supercard DSTWO, you can try this certain technique of updating your flashcart, but this is only an alternative if you cannot use the method provided earlier or if it did not work for you.)

Q: What should I do if I don’t have any non-updated device as mentioned above?
A: Be resourceful and ask your friends about their device or find one at a friendly DS store in your neighborhood. If not, ask random strangers if they have a DS and if it is not yet updated. Tell them about your situation and you may just get their sympathy, especially if they can also relate to how running flash cards is sometimes complicated. Updating your flash cartridge only takes a few minutes and it does not do anything to the device. Some strangers who do not worry about lending their device to other strangers may help you out.

Q: I cannot find anyone who has a non-updated device or someone who is willing to let me run and update my cart using their device. Where can I buy a non-updated flashcart?
A: There are some online stores selling pre-updated flash cartridges ready for 3DS V2. You can buy from any of the reputable stores online or you may contact other sellers to ask if they still have pre-updated flash cards. Order one immediately if you can find a reliable seller of such flash cards.

It is much safer to buy from the Official R4 store to ensure that you will only get the original R4 card.

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