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R4 FAQsQ: How can I buy an R4 card?

A: There are so many questions on how to buy an R4 and where to get one. Some people are fond of online shopping for R4 3DS, but most questions will be immediately answered just buy visiting our Official R4 Shop, where all products easily accessible with secure PayPal and Credit Card payments and fast worldwide shipping.
In online shopping, you just need to visit our website and add any product that you like on your shopping cart. You just need to do this by clicking with your mouse and navigating the website.

To validate your shopping cart, sign up for a user account at the website or log in to one if you are already a registered online shopper at the site.

You will then receive a confirmation on the payment that you have made for all your orders.
Once your order is processed and they are delivered on your way home, an email will be sent to you notifying you about the date of the shipment and the package’s tracking number. This allows you to monitor the delivery of the package.

If you have any concerns, contact our customer service.

SuperCard DStwo R4 3DS

Q: Is it possible to Jailbreak 3DS without R4?

A: At this time there is no softmod hack found for unlocking N3DS without a R4i 3DS flash card, so you do have to use an R4 Chip to Jailbreak your Nintendo console. This may change in the future, but be sure that Nintendo will try to lock all the security holes with new patches.

Q: How does the process of canceling my order works?

A: If your order is still “pending payment,” it will automatically be canceled from our system. You do not need to do anything at all.

Q: I live in Toronto, Canada. Is there any local store that sells R4 cards?

A: I don't know of any bricks and mortar stores in your area, but R4 Canada online store ships the same day and delivers to all cities in Canada in 1 to 3 days.

Q: Is it true that there are fake R4 cards in the market?

A: Considering how much of a hit among players these R4 cards are, it is sort of expected that many pirates would try to copy and distribute them. However, these fake cards are of low quality and you may risk harming your console if you use them.

It is much safer to buy from the Official R4 store to ensure that you will only get the original R4 card.


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